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Feng Shui Consultation Auditing Singapore

Singapore Feng Shui services and auditing for home & office.

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SG Fengshui Consultation & Services

Singapore-based Feng Shui Consultation and Services.

A one-stop Fengshui services where you can bring about that change of better fortune for your home, business or office environment at no hassle.

Only Classical and Authentic Feng Shui techniques will be applied for all our services.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of harnessing the natural forces created in our surrounding environment to bring about prosperity, good fortune, harmony and beneficial changes in our life.

Our destiny is greatly influence by the Trinity Luck namely the Heaven, Earth and Human Luck. And each of these lucks would actually account for 33% of one's path of life.


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For further enquiry, please contact us at Art-of-Fengshui Singapore

Payment of full consultation fees is to be made upon booking of appointment or during our first visit.

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