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2007 Monthly and Annual Feng Shui Tips

Monthly Feng Shui tips 2007 for wealth and romance luck.

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Feng shui is not about buying good luck items.

Feng Shui setting will work in no way, if you do not suppress bad energy at all locations.

2007 Monthly and Annual Feng Shui Tips

Tips For Year 2007

  • West
    Decorate this sector with a vase of growing plants filled with water in your bedroom to enhance both romance & academic endeavors.

  • Southwest
    Place items in red at the southwest sector of your living hall or office to improve financial luck. You can also place a cup of water to increase both your financial luck and attract helpful people.

  • Southeast
    Place Items made of metal in the east sector of your room or office
    to enhance your career, intelligent knowledge and attract helpful people. This is also a good spot to increase romance luck. You may use a metal clock for this remedy.

  • South
    Place your own photographs or items made of metal in this sector of your room or office
    to improve both career luck and business deal.
    In addition, place a cup of water besides to increase financial luck.

  • East
    Decorate this sector with wooden items in contrasting red, to enhance both fame and recognition.
    This is also a sector that develops good couple relationships. You may place a pot of live plant that is associated with wood element in this location.

  • Northeast
    This location indicates accidents, illness and bad luck of all kinds. Decorate this sector with items that are associated with metal element to suppress its negative energy.

  • North
    Locations that
    brings gossip, accidents, financial losses, burglary and robbery. Avoid placing items associated with metal element in this sector.
    You may place a cup of water to weaken its negative force and at the same time, enhance personal luck especially for sales oriented individual.

Without proper time given, do not attempt any groundbreaking in the Northeast, Southeast, West and Northwest areas, as it can bring misfortunes like financial loss, injury and sickness.

Wishing you success and may your days be filled with happiness and good health throughout the year.

Date and time selection for renovation and groundbreaking activities in year 2007, please complete our Auspicious Date Selection Online Form.

Important Notes:
The above wealth remedies apply only to houses or offices that already had good Feng Shui and correct "Ch'i" energy flow. It represent additional layer of enhancement for particular year and month. Remember to suppress all negative energy before using these remedies.

If the wealth remedies work for you, remember to contribute part of your good fortune to your local charity organization for the needy. Charity Organization List



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