Master Course In Feng Shui Geomancer, Feng Shui Master Jon Sim 

Master Course in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Master Course of the Secrets of Heaven and Earth Principles.

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Master Course of Heaven & Earth
Principles and Fundamental

Master Course in Feng Shui

Mastery Courses:
Master the True Techniques of Traditional and Classical Theories.

Master Course in Art of Classical Feng Shui

Course Outline

Module One

  • Introduction To Classical Feng Shui
  • Understanding of Trinity Luck
  • Understanding of Qi
  • Physical Environment
  • Cosmic Trinity
  • Two Classical System
  • Understanding of Tai Ji
  • Introduction of Bagua
  • Understanding the 5 Elements Concept
  • He Tu and Luo Shu Numerology
  • 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches
  • Understanding of Feng Shui Compass
  • Understanding 24 Mountains Directions
  • Taking Measurement with Luo Pan
  • Identifying Direction
  • Death and Emptiness Lines


  • Introduction of Four Celestial Animals
  • Types of Mountain
  • Colour of Soil
  • Recognising
    - Mountain
    - Rivers
    - Landforms / Shape

    - Destructive Energy

Eight Mansions Ba Zhai Feng Shui

  • Introduction of Eight Mansions
  • Favorable and Unfavorable Stars of Eight Mansions
  • Meaning of individual Eight Mansion Stars
  • Calculation of Personal Gua
  • Determine of House Gua
  • How to use Life Gua & House Gua
  • Eight Mansions: House Gua Vs Personal Gua

Advance Eight Mansions Ba Zhai Feng Shui

  • Derived of Eight Mansions
  • Bagua and Luoshu Directional Flow
  • Five elemental of Bagua and Eight Mansion Stars
  • Changing Lines of Hexgram for locating Favorable and Unfavorable Sector
  • Location Vs Direction
  • Level of Height Influences
  • Big Taiji Vs Small Taiji
  • 8 Palace Vs Eight Mansion Stars
  • Remedy for Negative Sector (Part I)

Time and Space

  • Time Factor and Strength of Individual Stars
  • Time Factor on Eight Mansion Stars Influences

24 Mountain Directional Influences (Na Jia System)

  • 24 Mountain Eight Mansions
  • Advance Application of Eight Mansions
  • Remedy for Negative Sector (Part II)


Module Two

San Yuan System

  • History of San Yuan & Xuan Kong
  • San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars
  • 3 cycles, 9 periods
  • Time & Space
  • Plotting a Flying Stars Chart
  • Characteristic of Timely and Untimely Stars


  • Application of Flying Stars
  • How to activate Sitting Star
  • How to activate Facing Star
  • Facing Stars vs Sitting Stars
  • Flying Stars Structure
  • Qi, Formation and Element Applications
  • Remedy of Negative Stars
  • How to Improve Wealth / Health / Relationship
  • Xuan Kong Flying Stars Vs Eight Mansions System

Advance San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars

  • External Influence
  • Special Formations and Structure
  • Timely Star Imprison and Remedy
  • Personal Gua and Flying Stars Influences
  • Xuan Kong Water System (Direct and Indirect Spirit)
  • Sub Direct and Indirect Theory
  • Mountain and Water Palace (Earth and Heaven Period)
  • Big Taiji Vs Small Taiji
  • Changing of House Period
  • All Flying Stars combination and Meaning

Annual & Monthly Flying Stars

  • How to calculate Annual Stars
  • Annual Stars Influences
  • How to calculate Monthly Stars
  • Monthly Stars Influences
  • Activation and Remedies


Module Three

Annual Affliction

  • Three Killings
  • Three Killings Time & Date Influences
  • 5 Yellow
  • Grand Duke (Tai Sui)
  • Age Break (Sui Po)

Date Selection

  • The Great Sun Formula
    Application and Calcuation

San He (Three Harmony) System

  • Introduction of San He System
  • The Eight Destructive Road
  • The Eight Killings Forces (External & Internal)
  • Peach Blossom Water Theory
  • Robbery Mountain Theory
  • Three Harmony Water System

San He Wealth Formation

  • Five Ghost Carry Treasure
    (Secret Formula and Application)

Discussion Section

  • Practical & Discussion
  • Myth or Truth Discussion
  • How to Prepare an Audit Report
  • Final Assessment & Test

Advance Module - Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection
( For professional & advance practitioner only )


Home Study Series:
Mastery Course Books

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