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Mighty mountains dragon are formed by the magnetic pull of these planetary changes.


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How a bad mountain dragon can influence us
Mighty mountains are formed by the magnetic pull of these planetary changes, generating "Qi" that affect our lives.

Importance of Mountain Dragon

In Feng Shui, there is a saying - Mountain govern Man, Water govern Wealth.

Wealth obviously refers to money and assets. Man refers to you; the health, wisdom, emotions, and human relationship of one's. In simple, mountain refers to people luck while water, wealth luck.

Now, what is so important about mountain? To start off, we have to first understand the very relationship between mountain and water.

We have always mentioned that true Feng Shui is about the influences of "Qi" (metaphysical forces of nature), how the "Qi" in your residing environment actually affect you.

Surely the question to be asking, where does "Qi" come from? And to answer you, mountain is the source of all these "Qi".

It has always been misunderstood by many and even some Feng Shui practitioner that "Qi" is produced by water. Or perhaps this is human nature. Everyone greed after wealth, choosing to just incorrectly believe so. Afterall, water brings about wealth (wealth luck)

We have seen many cases, especially with self-taught practitioner. Some are in fact very good with locating wealth corner (water location). But it is a pity that when it comes to mountain location, they hardly have the knowledge.

You have to understand this. All around us, the planet is constantly changing and growing. Mighty mountains are formed by the magnetic pull of these planetary changes, generating "Qi" that affect our lives. And these "Qi" are carried and dispersed by the wind and preserved in the water into our environment. This is the law of Nature.

To take note, water is just a medium to help gather and distribute these "Qi". When there is no mountain, there is no presence of any "Qi". So what's the point of having water when there is no "Qi" present to be gathered? Nice to look at but of no use to be having. No point cheating yourself or worse, being misled by some inexpert. Without the presence of "Qi", the Feng Shui formation is just not going to work.

Think about it. Now, isn't mountain a more important factor to consider?

We have seen also cases of many going just directly into the interior of the house, neglecting details of the external environment, the very external influences. Remember, true Feng Shui is never an interior decoration.

To get the best out of Feng Shui, both mountain and water locations are equally important.

A good Feng Shui master should have the expertise in both, capable of identifying good mountain in the environment; able to cleverly combine both to bring about a well-balanced Feng Shui formation for you. In Feng Shui, a balance is always sought (Yin & Yang)

What make a good mountain anyway?

In general, mountain can be of 5 types (Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire and Water) bringing about different influences. E.g. Earth mountain aid wealth and prosperity, fruitfulness offspring. Wood mountain aid fame and academic.

In general, a timely and good mountain looks green. This resembles a healthy and happy dragon, which will bring you good health and fortunes. A brown and dry one resembles a sick and angry dragon that would bring bad health and misfortunes.

Now, there is definitely nothing wrong with wanting wealth, who doesn't want it? But just ask yourself this simple question, who is the one who want it? Surely it is you, the very man?

Without good health, wisdom and the correct attitude, how are you possibly going to achieve wealth? What is the use of having lots of wealth when you don't have the health to enjoy it?

Picture it this way. Water is always flowing (Yin). Yes, it may bring you wealth with plentiful of riches flowing in. But without a mighty mountain (Yang) to cleverly stop and control the water, your wealth is just going to keep flowing away.

In life, a balance is always to be sought (Yin & Yang) remember, when you can earn a lot, you can also spend a lot. When you can be in good health, you can also be in ill health. Without a balance, you can be earning $10k and spending $20K. Now isn't that instead going to bring more problem & difficulty to your life in the long run? Worst, without a good health?

Understand the true of Feng Shui, seek the correct way of life.

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